Raising our poultry this way aligns with the farm’s Holistic Goal of improved food quality, reducing food travel miles, supporting other farmers and contributing to our local economy.  Our chickens as well as turkeys are raised with these commitments in mind.

Our pastured poultry has been proudly coined the “25 mile bird.”  We source our day old chicks from a local hatchery that is within 25 miles of our farm.  In addition to pasture, the chicken and turkey’s  diet consists of local, non-GMO grains.   These local grains are then hand mixed on the farm for strict quality control.  The poultry is then processed within 25 miles of the farm by a NYS inspected poultry processor.   We must reach outside of this circle for the mineral mix that is used in their feed ration, as we are committed to using the best possible minerals without any added animal by-products.

No antibiotics ~ No Artificial Ingredients ~ No hormones ~ Non-GMO feed

No herbicides or pesticides are used on our animal’s land